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Fixed Term Tenancy:

Our contracts are fixed for a minimum of 6 months. We also offer long term tenancies.

You cannot end a fixed contract before the end date of your agreement. This means you are responsible for the rent even if you wish to leave before this date.

You will also receive a copy of the Property Condition Report which outlines the condition of the house and chattels prior to move in. You will have 3 days to check the report and return a signed copy to the property manager.

Move in Costs:

Before receiving the keys all move in costs must be paid.

Rent in advance = 1 week

Bond = 3 or 4 weeks bond. Bonds are held by the Tenancy Tribunal Services until the end of your contract. This is used as security for any breach of contract, damage to the property or rent in arrears. This is refunded once you have moved out and a final inspection has been completed.


All rent must be paid by automatic payment, in advance. No other form of payment is accepted.

If you are unable to pay your rent on time please call the office immediately, before any rent arrear occurs.

If you do not pay your rent within:

  • 1-2 days = A text message/email & phone call is made
  • 4 days = A 14 day notice to rectify the breach is sent

An application to Tenancy Tribunal is lodged if the breach is not rectified within the 14 days. This may lead to a termination of your tenancy agreement.

If you breach your tenancy or break your lease, you remain responsible for paying rent up to the day the new tenant moves in. A breakage fee will also be charged.


Property inspections are carried out approximately every three months from the time the owner started their contract with Co-Live Queenstown. This means an inspection may happen at any time during your tenancy, not necessarily at three months of you moving into the property. This is to ensure the property is kept in good condition and to highlight any maintenance and repairs that are required. You do not need to attend  inspections, but are welcome to be present if you wish. At least 48 hours notice will be given prior to inspections.


We strongly recommend that all tenants take out contents and personal liability insurance. Your landlord’s insurance policy does not protect your belongings.
Content insurance- to protect your belongings
Personal liability insurance- to protect you from any careless or intentional damage you or your guests may cause.
It is important to do your research on insurance companies. Check to see if their policy includes personal liability.


The property manager must be notified about repairs and maintenance by completing the Maintenance Request form as soon as they become noticeable. We will assess the urgency and send out a contractor to undertake the work. In an emergency call 111.

Property Care

Interior of property:

To reduce the effects of mould and mildew: limit hanging damp washing inside. Ventilate kitchen and all bathrooms with an open window or extractor fan. Run bathroom fan for 5 minutes after a shower to remove steam. Wipe condensation from windows. Maintain regular airflow throughout the house. This will assist heating of the house as there will be less moisture in the air.

Carpet care:

You are responsible for cleaning stains on the carpet. If carpets require a full clean this must be done using a commercial cleaner, not with products such as Rug Doctor.


The weekly cleaner is organised through Co-Live Queenstown. They will clean all common areas such as the lounge, dining and bathrooms. They are not responsible for cleaning bedrooms. As common areas are shared with other flatmates, it is important you clean up after yourselves to ensure a clean, tidy and happy environment is maintained.


You are responsible for damage made to the property and chattels. This includes windows. The cost of repair will be on charged to you.


NO pets are allowed


You are responsible to ensure the house remains pest free (e.g. cockroaches, fleas, mice etc). Keeping the house clean and tidy, ensuring no rubbish/food scraps are left lying on the floor or between and behind appliances will reduce this.

Exterior of property:

Vehicles must be parked in the driveway, garage/carport or off street parking where available. Cars must not be parked on the footpath or lawns. Tenants are responsible for removing oil stains. No unregistered cars are to be parked at the property unless permission is gained from the landlord.

Gardens and lawns must be kept in good condition. No equipment or rubbish must be left on the lawn.

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