The Details

Our Co-Live model is a lot more hands on than traditional property management and our fees reflect this. We achieve higher rental returns (after fees) while offering value and a better living experience for tenants.


16% plus GST on all rents collected.

Whats included in our management fee:

  • Advertising costs
  • Routine Inspections (3-4 monthly)
  • Final Inspection- Outgoing
  • Bond collection and management
  • Monthly & annual rental statements
  • Insurance claims
  • Tenancy mediation and tribunal applications
  • General administration

Additional Fees

  • Property Condition Report (PCR) – $250 plus GST
  • In order to provide a seamless co-living service and to ensure the highest return for you, properties need to be furnished with basic living chattels.  Co-Live Queenstown can provide a setup service at an additional cost.


We strive for smooth, seamless transitions between old and new tenants with little to no vacancies.


There are no fixed contracts. You will, however need to consider what tenancy agreements are in place if you are wanting to sell your property.


Rental income is deposited into your account twice a month with monthly statements emailed to you.



Because we rent by the room tenancies end at different times, meaning inspections often take place more often than the standard 3 month period. However, an official report is only sent to owners every 3-4 months.

Property Condition Report (PCR)

A report with photos and/or video of the property is completed prior to the tenancy commencing.

Routine Inspection

Inspections are completed every 3 to 4 months. A report, photos and/or video is sent to you.

Final Inspection

A final inspection is completed prior to each tenant vacating. They are given guidelines as to what is expected of them prior to departure with regard to cleaning, utilities, bond refund etc.


We can manage all the maintenance and house costs for your investment. The cost is deducted from your rental income.


Co-Live Queenstown partners with property owners, developers and investors to produce high performing co-living properties that financially exceed traditional rental yields. We maintain stable cash flow and low vacancy rates.

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