Co-Live Queenstown is not your ordinary property management company. We have a new outlook on real estate, with a young, innovative, team. We bring valuable expertise to our real estate partners from our own experience living in co-living homes and communities and from our own investing endeavours. A year ago we built our first co-living home to really test and trial our model. After a successful first attempt we are now in the process of building our second co-living masterpiece.

We think differently, we are passionate and really understand the needs of our tenants; creating an environment where people want to live. Well looked after homes results in happy home owners.

We have a vision of creating community and enabling collaboration through the development and management of authentic and convenient co-living spaces – where people can live better together.

Co-living homes encourage a generational shift towards sustainable living through sharing resources and common spaces. We are currently developing our own co-living spaces, which gives us a true opportunity to implement our co-living values. We plan to build multiple co-living homes around the country and show New Zealand how we think rental homes should be built.  

We are also passionate about the environment. Our future goal is to design and build sustainable co-living homes with decreased environmental impact through efficient use of energy, water, land and other resources.  All houses will be stocked with ecologically friendly house supplies. We also aim to implement robust recycling systems, composting and vegetable gardens.

We are wanting to connect with developers and investors in Queenstown, Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch to talk about how we can collaborate and build smarter housing for New Zealand.


Rory and Mary met in 2014. They both have a passion for property and have always enjoyed shared living environments, with good systems and great design, but found they were too few and far between.

From the age of 12, Mary always dreamed of becoming an interior designer and renovating houses.
After winning a scholarship and gaining her Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy, Mary put her property dreams on hold. She went on to specialise in Neurological Rehabilitation for 7 years both in New Zealand and London. During her travels she took a break from this and moved to the Mediterranean to work on super yachts. With her background in building relationships and providing top services for clients, Mary is the main point of contact for tenants and homeowners, while also running a tight ship on the operations of the business.

Inspired by entrepreneurial family friends, and with the aspiration to one day start his own business, Rory studied finance and accounting. This career path gave him the flexibility to travel the world and pursue his passion for architectural design. Rory has worked in corporate finance both here in New Zealand and overseas for the past 13 years. With this background in finance and systems, Rory’s strength is in building the business systems that make co-living both highly desirable and scalable.

The seed for Co-Live Queenstown was first sewn when Mary and Rory were in a shared living situation that transformed into what they would now call ‘co-living’. They lived with an amazing group of like-minded people, who not only became good friends but family. The house branded themselves as “The Queen’s Ave Collective”. The community was there. The only thing missing was the hassle free living experience. And so, Co-Live Queenstown was formed with the vision to create a seamless version of the Queen’s Ave Collective. Mary and Rory’s experience in shared living environments around the world, being property investors themselves and seeing the rising cost of living and shortage of high quality housing, lead them to create a co-live model that benefits both landlords and tenants.

With a background in neuro occupational therapy, Mary understands people and is the main point of contact for tenants, while also running a tight ship on the operations of the business
With a background in finance and systems, Rory’s strength is in building the business systems that make co-living both highly desirable and scalable.


We are honoured to announce that Co-Live Property Management were one of the top three national finalists for the Excellence in Innovation Award at the Leading Property Managers Association – LPMA awards 2018.

This Award for Excellence for an LPMA NZ member firm recognises the outstanding achievements of that firm in the areas of innovation, particularly of the member’s ability to pioneer new services or products or provide thought leadership and execute on their vision to successfully impact revenue/profitability/growth and/or successful customer satisfaction.

Being part of this group means our Co-Live Property Management has agreed to abide by a strict code of practice and high level of customer service. We receive the best training and resources available. This gives you peace of mind that you will always receive the very best property management services and skills available.