When I first arrived in Queenstown, I took the first house I could get. I had no reason to have any higher standards than finding a roof over my head with decent people at a price I could afford. I never thought it mattered which agency managed the property that I was renting. I then moved into a property managed by the Co-Live Queenstown team, Mary and Rory; and something shifted. A lot shifted actually.

As the head tenant of past properties, my life consisted of paying the bills, ensuring everyone’s rent was paid on time, buying the toilet paper so no one had to fight over who was slacking and asking everyone to make sure their rooms were clean for any upcoming inspections. Being head tenant, with a pretty big bond at stake, meant that I was sort of an unofficial mom. It wasn’t my favourite thing, but at least I could choose who moved into the place!

After moving into a Co-Live property, I went from being the “house mom” to existing with the other flatmates in an equal living space. It became an amalgamation of living with your family without actually having a mom around, whilst still having order amongst friends. To put it frankly, it was a huge relief and a tremendous weight taken off my shoulders.

After six months in a Co-Live property, my renting standards have gone way up. Here’s why:

The Co-Live team sorts out all of our consumables for us. Toilet paper, laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, and even the kind of sponges we like are bought on a regular basis, delivered discreetly, and refilled whenever needed. There’s no worry about anything running low or whose turn it is to buy something for the house. We don’t even discuss it. It’s something we never need to worry about and it saves a lot of arguments or tension that can arise in shared living situations.

We are provided environmentally friendly products. This may not be such a big deal to most people, but to me it’s huge. A company that is conscious of their impact on the environment always gets points in my book. As a vegan living in a world with a lot of unnecessary waste, I appreciate that Co-Live Queenstown makes a conscious decision to provide their tenants with eco-friendly consumables.

Bills are all inclusive. Every time I pay rent, I send one payment and one payment only. It’s fantastic. Reading this you may think, so what? But living in a house where you have to manage and pay a heating bill, a water bill, and an internet bill to different companies and ensuring each flatmate pays their contribution, let alone on time is just exhausting. Co-Live Queenstown takes all the complications, stress and drama out of paying bills.

We have a weekly cleaner! Talk about the quintessential argument squasher. “Whose turn is it to clean the bathroom?” hasn’t even passed through our lips since moving into a Co-Live property. Not only is there peace of mind that everything will get a thorough clean, property owners can be rest assured that their homes will be well looked after. A solid clean that no one person is responsible for, makes living together all the more enjoyable.

Quality living standards inside and out. Co-Live Queenstown, always ensure that our living space is well looked after. Aside from having a regular cleaner, the Co-Live team has a gardener come to the house to take care of the lawn and outdoor plants. This is great for those who don’t have a green thumb. The house is also fully furnished. All we needed to bring was our suitcase and linen. Living made easy!

Blockbuster communication. Technology these days has people more connected than ever. To ensure we always have a way of corresponding with Co-Live Queenstown about any household issues, questions, or concerns, they created a Facebook page for 24/7 access. If we don’t wish to use Facebook, the Co-Live team has proven to be very responsive and accessible in other ways when needed. Their business encourages open, two-way communication which differs significantly from the standard Monday through Friday business model.

Top-notch housemates included. Since Co-Live Queenstown handle the process of selecting flatmates for their properties, I found it reassuring that they go out of their way to interview and consider the best possible fit for a pre-existing dynamic that a Co-Live house already has. They don’t just choose anyone, they select people they can see have common interests or like-minded attitudes. As previously mentioned, I was the head tenant who had the choice of who moved into our house and who didn’t. Living with people who have common interests or similar lifestyles is very important to me as I imagine it is for other people too. Coming home to flatmates with similar mentalities, with whom I can have a solid chat or hang out with on weekends just makes me feel so much happier. A real community has been created.

They hear what we need in order to live more fully. I’ve always been a fan of having a personal garden and compost. When we moved into a Co-Live space that didn’t include either, Co-Live Queenstown encouraged us to be crafty yet conscious of the property. We were able to create a mobile garden and a removable compost bin that suits our needs and keeps the house orderly. They worked with us to figure out a solution that would keep both the property owners and us satisfied. Win-win!

Hopefully you can see why my standards have improved compared to the rest of the agencies I’ve rented from in the past. Co-Live Queenstown goes above and beyond the standards for both tenants and homeowners – something you won’t get anywhere else. Kick your standards up a notch and choose Co-Live Queenstown for a quality rental experience.


Article and photos by Kelsey Powell– Tenant of Co-Live Queenstown