A solution for the urban housing crisis. A remedy for people seeking out true connections in this all-too digitally connected universe. A place to call home.

Many people want to live in community. It’s vital to our quality of life. But the challenge of successfully living with other people in a shared existence is another thing.

We’re exploring new, progressive and contemporary ways of shared living. We provide authentic and convenient spaces where people can live better together.

We make the process simple and easy for both owners and tenants.


We offer fully furnished, functioning homes where people can experience home instantly.

home made


We make shared living simple. Home bills, basic house supplies and a weekly cleaner are included in the rent.


Community & Friends

A way to social network,  develop connections and share experiences with new and diverse people.


Leading Property Managers Association

Co-Live is a proud member of the Leading Property Managers Association. LPMA is a Trans-Tasman Property Management industry association that represents the very best in residential property management. Being part of this group means our company has agreed to abide by a strict code of practice and high level of customer service to qualify for membership, and we receive the best training and resources available. This gives you peace of mind that you will always receive the very best property management services and skills available anywhere in New Zealand.

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Co-Live Queenstown partners with property owners, developers and investors to produce high performing co-living properties that financially exceed traditional rental yields. We maintain stable cash flow and low vacancy rates.

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